Our company recently made an acquisition in which ExitBig was the broker. In our experience, acquisitions of smaller companies can present significant and unique challenges.  The team at ExitBig did a great job of getting this transaction to the finish line.  We made the acquisition under mutually beneficial terms by having the ExitBig team ensure the structure and terms made sense for both parties.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others that are considering buying or selling a business.

Brian Gubbels - CEO of Datashield Corporation

On Feb 25, 2019, I received a call from ExitBig. I was asked if I would consider selling my company (Fast-Trac Freight Services, Inc.) as they had a potential interested party. At 55 years old I had no immediate plans on selling and would explore this option in 5-7 years. With hesitation, I met with Jeff Herdzina to discus what I needed to do in order to prepare myself for a sale when that time came. Little did I know, that time was now.  During our first meeting I was thoroughly impressed with Jeff. He understood the business aspect as well as the personal emotional ties I had to my company that my wife and I started from ground zero in 1997.  However, I was still skeptical thinking I should be focusing on Fast-Trac and not selling. Over the next 4-5 weeks I had periodic discussions with Jeff. I told him the idea interested me but I wasn’t ready as I’ve done nothing to prepare myself to sell nor was I emotionally ready. Jeff understood my position and felt the love I had for my company. He asked if I would be interested in meeting the couple who had expressed an interested in my company. He knew if I didn’t have a comfort level with them the deal would not even be a consideration. After meeting with the couple, I immediately felt they would be the perfect fit to continue the growth of my company. However, I was still faced with the hurdle that I was unprepared to sell. This is where Jeff and his team went to work!!!  They walked me through every step of the way, kept me informed of the next step(s), helped me gather information, kept the lines of communication open, and basically babysat the entire process from start to finish.  Fast forward to June 20, 2019. We closed on the deal and the new owners are in place and the company has continued with out missing a beat.  Jeff Herdzina, Shanna Radke and the entire ExitBig team are incredible to work with and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking (or in my case, wasn’t looking) to sell. THANK YOU Jeff, Shanna and the entire ExitBig team for an exceptional job.

Doug Dragoun - Owner - Seller

Jeff Herdzina and his dynamite team at ExitBig provided immense value in locating and closing a deal on my new business.  I’d spent a great deal of time searching myself, and working with other Omaha area brokers, to no avail.  After entering a buy-side agreement with ExitBig, I was relieved and confident they would  find the right deal for me.  I’m excited about this new chapter that ExitBig has delivered to me.  Best M&A game in town.

David Bills - Owner - Buyer

As a local business owner and a national motivational speaker I have been fortunate in my many years to meet people I come to admire. Jeff Herdzina and ExitBig are at the top of that list. I recognize those business professionals who are like minded; Jeff and his team at ExitBig are my kind of people, they specialize in service! Which is hard to find these days. They are truly passionate about the clients they serve; they care more about the success of their clients than that of their own needs. Jeff is a competitor, which dates back to his reputation as being one of the top running backs in the country in his high school and college football days. He likes to win, not just for him and his team but for his clients and will not accept anything less. When I hear Jeff talk about how he found the perfect buyer for a company he is selling I see the passion in his eyes that he is truly making the right connection. This man cares about people. I will refer Jeff and his team to anyone I know who wants to buy or sell a business because of their honesty, their love of helping others, their strategic and innovative marketing style and their mission to keep clients for life. One meeting with Jeff and his team and you will see what I am talking about. They are using their God-given talent for good and not greed. Congrats for doing business the right way ExitBig!

Van Deeb - Business Owner & Motivational Speaker

There is a clear role for advisors to play in negotiating transactions between buyers and sellers. The best advisors facilitate the transaction by figuring out the core motivations of both parties and getting them to rationalize what is important to them. Jeff from ExitBig represented the seller, and he moderated and represented his client in a manner which still allowed us to express our priorities. In the end, we completed a transaction that was good for both parties. This is the definition of a good deal; both sides felt they got what they wanted. I give Jeff a lot of the credit for this. I would highly recommend him and his team.

Bill Fisher - Owner

We trusted Jeff and his team to sell our first business to an outside party and that is exactly what they did.  We were impressed by how tremendously hard they worked and how effective they were in bringing numerous offers from multiple buyers to the table.  Their work gave us the freedom to select the offer and the buyer that we felt was the best fit.   Jeff and his team quickly grasped the workings of our business and used that understanding to creatively structure deals that made sense to both sides.  It took a lot of persistence for ExitBig to create a win-win for both parties but they were relentless and successful.  The transaction process can be stressful at times and we didn’t know what to expect having never been through this before.  Jeff and ExitBig guided us through those anxieties calmly and professionally.   We are very happy we chose ExitBig for this project and I would strongly recommend them to anybody looking to sell their business in the future.

A Satisfied Seller - Owner

After the loss of my father in law the sale of his business seemed like something that would be emotionally overwhelming to everyone involved. However, it was critical that we get the sale done and at the top price so that my mother in law could continue the grieving process without having the hassle that is typically involved in selling a business. Having sold three businesses myself I was very concerned for her and what the process would be like. Jeff and his team came in and made some bold promises about their process and exceeded expectations at every turn. They got her more than I would have expected in a difficult market. They managed expectations and emotions perfectly. When negotiations became difficult in the middle of the purchase as they often do they provided great guidance to insure we didn’t lose a great buyer. Finally, they saw the sale through to its conclusion while being emotionally aware of what was happening for a family. If anyone is looking to buy or sell a business I would immediately recommend that they call Jeff and his team.

Dan Allison - Owner

Deciding to sell our business was an emotional and overwhelming experience.  The folks at ExitBig explained everything step by step ahead of time and continued to walk us through the process along the way.  The ExitBig team gave us the peace of mind to transition the company to the new owners while they managed the details of the sale and made sure we were kept up to date on how things were progressing.  I would recommend their services to anyone who is considering selling their business and not sure where to start!

Melissa Smith - Owner

I was starting to explore acquiring a small manufacturing company in the Midwest region mid 2016 when I met the Exit Big founder Jeff Herdzina through a mutual acquaintance.  From day 1 I have found Jeff to be very knowledgeable, professional and responsive.  Jeff was working with another broker we had a listing that fit the scope of what I was looking for so we started to engage the business to see if there was a fit culturally, short story there was a fit and we were able to complete the deal in 2017.  What I can also tell you is without Jeff and Shanna, the deal would not have gotten completed, I come from a background that included numerous M&A activities and a lot of times you have to be creative and have mental agility to close deals, which the other side was lacking significantly but by the 2 of us working closely together we were able to move forward.

Thomas Cochran - CEO TMC Technologies